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The Weathered Barn custom designs and hand-crafts solid wood furniture made exclusively of reclaimed barn wood. We focus on building one piece at a time, with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

Located near Raleigh, North Carolina, we work with barn wood lumber reclaimed in our region, often times completing the barn deconstruction and lumber reclamation personally. Due to the depth of color and character, barn wood lumber captivates us like modern lumber never will, and we've developed a passion for tobacco barn wood in particular. These iconic barns once proliferated the landscape of the state and are rapidly disappearing.  

Often barns in our region are bulldozed to allow for development, or are left to deteriorate under the elements, destroying the precious wood contained within. By repurposing the salvaged lumber into furniture and other items, we preserve a bit of America's farming heritage one piece at a time.  

We welcome you to take a tour of our site and explore the beautiful things that can be made from reclaimed barn wood.  

We look forward to building a piece for your family to cherish.
Thank you for visiting The Weathered Barn!   

Read more about The Weathered Barn in the News and Observer, published April 2013.


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